Feeders and Breeders

Feeders and Breeders

When it comes to selecting breeder pigs and feeder pigs, it is crucial to choose wisely in order to ensure the success of your pig farming operation. Breeder pigs are selected for their genetic traits and reproductive capabilities, as they will be responsible for producing the next generation of pigs. It is important to choose breeder pigs that come from healthy bloodlines and have a good track record of fertility and litter size. Feeder pigs, on the other hand, are selected for their growth potential and ability to convert feed into weight gain. Look for feeder pigs that are healthy, active, and have a good appetite. By carefully selecting your breeder pigs and feeder pigs, you can lay a strong foundation for a thriving pig farming business.

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Born Aug 20, 2023

Lana x Fred Litter

Due Mid July 2024

Big John X Maya

born Aug 15, 2023

Ginger x Payday Litter

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