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About Freedom Farms

Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: to reimagine the way we farm and to provide healthier and more humane food choices for all. It all started when we took over the reins of our family’s commercial farm — after battling bouts of health issues, we were able to discover farming practices that were healing to our ailments. With newfound inspiration and experience with what real, good food can do for us, we’re now driven by a desire to make a difference for others.

Everything we do is imbued with a deep-rooted belief in the power of honesty, quality, and natural farming practices.

What Makes Us Different?

Regenerative Ranching

Regenerative Ranching is a practice that not only sustains but enriches the land and ecosystems we steward. With over three decades of remarkable success, we've honed our craft to perfection. Our regenerative methods prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration — ensuring our land thrives and flourishes.

Top Quality Genetics

Quality begins at the source, and our drive for excellence extends to the genetics of our livestock. We've meticulously curated top-quality genetics over the years, resulting in animals that are not only healthy but also yield superior meat. You’ll notice the difference in the flavor of our products. Freedom Farms tastes better than factory farms. That’s a fact.

We don't just farm; we educate and inspire. Our wealth of experience is open to all who want to embark on a journey of regenerative farming. We mentor and guide others on the path to sustainable agriculture, sharing our knowledge and fostering a community of passionate, ethical farmers. If you’re interested in learning about real food, visit our mentorship page.

Freedom Farms

Join Our Mission

We extend an invitation not just to our farm but to an overarching vision — a vision of a healthier, more wholesome way of life. In this shared journey, we hold the power to revolutionize not only our plates but the very essence of how we nourish ourselves, how we cultivate our lands, and ultimately, how we choose to exist.

How to join our mission and contribute to the vision?

Buy good-for-you food from our farm or contact us for consultation/mentorship if you’d like to learn how to start your own farm.


Homegrown By Heroes

The Homegrown By Heroes label (HBH) serves as the official farmer veteran branding program of America, nationally administered by the Farmer Veteran Coalition. This certification enables ranchers, farmers, and fishermen from all military eras to market their products as veteran-owned and produced.

When consumers see the HBH logo on agricultural goods, they are informed that these products were cultivated by U.S. military veterans. Not only does this program offer veterans a platform to distinguish their farm and ranch products in the marketplace, but it also provides customers with the opportunity to support and acknowledge the service of these dedicated individuals.

Our Certification – For more information go to Farmer Veteran Coalition 

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