Our Prize Winning Boars

When it comes to choosing a boar for your next breeding, our boars stands out as the top choice. With its excellent genetics, strong physique, and proven track record, our boars are sure to produce high-quality offspring. Not only do they possess desirable traits such as good temperament and high fertility, but also has great feed conversion rate and efficient growth. Our boars’ superior genetics ensure that their offspring will inherit these desirable traits, making them valuable assets in any breeding program. Additionally, our boars have been carefully raised and managed to ensure optimal health and well-being. So if you’re looking for boars that will bring success to your breeding program, look no further than ours!

No Corn, No Soy, No GMO - EVER!

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Boar “Coppa”

Coppa is a great representation of IPPs. He won Best Intermediate Boar, Best Male and Best in Show at the IPP BA show in June 2023.

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Boar “Warrior”

Warrior is a long bodied, friendly Boar. His growth rate is fantastic. We look forward to what he will produce in the future.

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